Right To Mine .org


Right To Mine .org is a community of miners and a coalition of mining associations coming together to promote the well being of our Public Lands and the continued accessibility for all that use and enjoy them.

We hope to get all outdoor enthusiasts to become involved in our struggle to preserve the laws that were made to protect our country's heritage and keep small scale mining viable, practical and alive. Which in turn keeps the Public lands open to the Public!

All outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, off roading, bird watching, rafting and on and on, rely on the rights that the 1872 Mining Act and it's amendments, afford the Small Scale  mining industry. If miners fail to keep these rights, there's a good chance outdoor privileges will go away as well. We are already seeing this happen. 

Right now in California and other states in this great Country of Ours a program called The Travel Management Program has officially closed all non-paved roads to its citizens from December to April ! Miners are the only exception and still access doesn't come easy! Most regions are even trying to keep the miner out. We feel this is Unacceptable!

But this is just one of our many battles.  

Right To Mine .org is your connection to become involved, Please join the associations listed on this page and become engaged in maintaining your right to use Public Lands!